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Product name: Phenol Salicylic Acid Plaster - Corn nemesis

Drug Type: Pharmaceutical Products (dermatology drugs)

Investment Area: National

Approval Number: H37023525 Zhunzi

Specifications: 0.2g × 6 tablets / capsule 0.2g × 8 tablets / capsule

Dosage: external use. Before using the affected area with hot water immersion for ten minutes, wipe, and then this cream mask Chequ cover affixed to the affected area, after 24 hours, such as softening the affected area white, feel a little pain when you can dressing 1 ( advised to remove the white softened layer). If I do not find this phenomenon extended affixed with time, until all the corn off so far.



Effective sterilization, itching, horny dissolved, easily remove corns

       Selection of the best raw materials to create the highest quality to ensure the best effect

 Corn is caused by prolonged pressure and friction conical shaped corn horny growths, so that local thickening of the stratum corneum, horny central core, the tip of the way into the skin, the substrate exposed to the outside. More common in young people occur in the foot and toes, corns tip if oppression nerve endings, you feel pain while walking.

       There are hard and soft corns points. Hard corns occur on the outside of the foot and the little toe, toe back and other bones protrude or easily compressed rubbing, round or oval. Surface of the flat, hard, pale yellow, its tip can be as deep skin layer of the nipple, when standing or walking, often due to compression of sensory nerve endings papillary layer caused pain, caused by walking difficult. Soft corns occur in a region adjacent toe toe between the two, due to moisture being macerated, which becomes gray and malodorous.

For disease: for corns.

Adverse reactions: normal skin can cause local irritation and corrosion.

Taboo: 1, this allergy is disabled;

            2, skin ulceration at the disabled.

Storage: confined preservation.

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