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? multi-target, broad-spectrum anti-tumor

? alleviate liver and kidney damage, insulin resistance

? improve the quality of life of patients


Concise Prescribing Information:

The main components of Palmetto son acuminata fruit, Curcuma, Gynostemma, Radix, Astragalus, mushrooms, licorice.

[Indications] blood stasis, spleen consumer product. For stomach cancer, liver cancer, radiotherapy can enhance the efficacy of chemotherapy,

And can enhance immune function; can improve the clinical symptoms of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma.

[Executive standard] State Food and Drug Administration standards YBZ09712008

Dosage Orally, 4, 3 times a day; surrounded by a course of treatment.

[Storage] sealed, cool and dry place.

[Approval No.] Zhunzi Z20080532

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